Physics 11

Grade Level
British Columbia

Physics 11 Course Overview

Physics 11 Course Overview

Formula Sheet

Unit 1 - Graphing, Relationships and Vectors

Building a Graph

Identifying Relationships

Vector Analysis

Graphing, Relationships and Vectors - Review Assignment

Unit 2 - Kinematics

Uniform Motion


Position-Time Graphs

Uniform Motion and Velocity-Time Graphs

Acceleration and Velocity-Time Graphs

Kinematics - Review Assignment

Unit 3 - Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion in 1-Dimension

Horizontal Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion in 2-Dimensions

Projectile Motion - Review Assignment

Unit 4 - Forces and Newton's Laws

Types of Forces

Newton's 1st Law

Weight vs. Mass

Newton's 2nd Law

Newton's 3rd Law

Forces and Newton's Laws - Review Assignment

Unit 5 - Applied Forces

Hooke's Law

Simple Machines

Forces of Friction

Applied Forces in 2-D

Applied Forces - Review Assignment

Analyzing Friction Lab

Unit 6 - Inclined Surfaces and Connected Masses

Forces and Inclines

Connected Masses

Inclined Surfaces and Connected Masses - Review Assignment

Unit 7 - Work and Energy

Defining Work

The Work-Energy Theorem

Types of Work

Work and Energy - Review Assignment

Unit 8 - Power and Conservation of Energy


Conservation of Energy- Ideal

Conservation of Energy with Friction

Power and Conservation of Energy - Review Assignment

Unit 9 - Heat

Thermal Energy and Temperature

Heat Transfer

Heat - Review Assignment

Unit 10 - Waves

Mechanical Waves

Wave Phenomena

Wave Interference


The Doppler Effect

Waves - Review Assignment

Unit 11 - Circuitry



Ohm's Law and Resistance

EMF and Internal Resistance Resistance

Electrical Power

Circuitry - Review Assignment

Circuitry Lab