Applied Mathematics 40S

Grade Level

Course Overview

Course Overview

Formula Sheet

Set Notation

Set Notation and Different Types of Sets

Intersection and Union of Sets

Application of Set Theory

Conditional, Converse, Inverse, and Contrapositive Statements

Set Notation Review Assignment


Fundamental Counting Principle

Permutations when Objects are Not Similar

Permutations when Objects are Similar


Combinatorics Review Assignment


Probability Terminology and Notation

Mutually Exclusive Events - Events: A or B

Conditional Probability - Events: A and B

Problems Involving Conditional Binomial Probability

Probability Involving Permutations and Combinations

Probability Review Assignment

Polynomial Functions

Graphs of Polynomial Functions

Characteristics of the Equations of Polynomial Functions

Using Technology to Model Data with a Line of Best Fit

Using Technology to Model Data with a Curve of Best Fit

Polynomial Functions Review Assignment

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Characteristics of Graphs of Exponential Functions

Characteristics of Graphs of Logarithmic Functions

Using Technology to Model Data

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Review Assignment

Sinusoidal Functions

Radian Measure and Angles in Standard Position

Changing of Periodic Functions

Sinusoidal Functions

Using Technology to Model Data with Sinusoidal Functions

Sinusoidal Functions Review Assignment

Financial Literacy

Financial Servicies

Simple Interest

Compound Interest

Types of Credit Cards

Loans, Lines of Credit, and Overdraft Protection

Lease, Loans or Cash

Financial Literacy - Review Assignment