Workplace and Apprenticeship Mathematics 10

Grade Level

Course Overview

Course Overview

Formula Sheet

Proportions and Currency Exchange

Rate, Ratios, Proportions

Unit Pricing

Sale Prices

Currency Exchange Rates

Proportions and Currency Exchange - Review Assignment


Salary, Hourly and Overtime Wages

Alternative Methods of Compensation

Pay Statements and Calculating Gross and Net Pay

Income - Review Assignment

Linear Measurements

Comparing Systems of Measurement

Converting Between Measurement Systems

Calculating Surface Area of 2D Shapes

Calculating Surface Area of 3D Shapes


Linear Measurements - Review Assignment

Measurements in Mass, Temperature and Volume

Celsius and Fahrenheit

Calculating Mass Using Imperial System

Calculating Mass and Weight Using System International

Converting Between Measurement Systems

Measurements in Mass, Temperature and Volume - Review Assignment

Angles and Parallel Lines

Identifying, Measuring and Estimating Angles

Complementary and Supplementary Angles

Identifying and Calculating Angles Formed by Two Lines

Identifying and Calculating Angles Formed by Two Parallel Lines

Angles and Parallel Lines - Review Assignment

Similar Figures

Regular and Irregular Polygons

Investigating Similar Polygons

Solving Ratios and Constructing Similar Polygons

Scale Factors and Similar Polygons

Similar Triangles

Similar Figures - Review Assignment


The Pythagorean Theorem

The Trigonometric Ratios

The Sine Ratio

The Cosine Ratio

The Tangent Ratio

Trigonometry - Review Assignment