Workplace Mathematics 10

Grade Level
British Columbia

Course Overview

Course Overview

Data Pages Booklet

Experimental Probability

Conducting a Probability Experiment Using Games

Solving a Problem by Conducting a Simulation

Theoretical Probability

Theoretical vs Experimental Probability

Experimental Probability - Review Assignment


Line Graphs

Bar Graphs and Histograms

Circle or Pie Graphs

Pictographs and Infographics

Graphs - Review Assignment

Measurement Conversions

Comparing Systems of Measurement

Converting Between Measurement Systems

Calculating Mass and Weight using Imperial System

Calculating Mass and Weight using System International

Converting Between Measurement Systems

Measurement Conversions - Review Assignment


The Pythagorean Theorem

The Primary Trigonometric Ratios

The Sine Ratio

The Cosine Ratio

The Tangent Ratio

Trigonometry - Review Assignment

Surface Area and Volume

Calculating Surface Area of 2D Shapes

Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders

Surface Area of Cones, Pyramids, and Spheres

Surface Area of Composite Figures

Volume of Right Prisms and Right Pyramids

Volume of Right Cones and Spheres

Calculating Volume

Surface Area and Volume - Review Assignment

Central Tendency

Statistics, Data and Mean

Median, Mode, Range and Outliers

Selecting the Appropriate Measures of Central Tendency

Central Tendency - Review Assignment

Financial Literacy

Salary, Hourly, and Overtime Wages

Alternative Methods of Compensation

Pay Statements and Calculating Gross and Net Pay

Financial Literacy - Review Assignment