Pre-Calculus 11

Grade Level
British Columbia

Course Overview

Pre-calculus 11 Course Overview

Formula Sheet

Powers and Radicals

Review the Exponent Laws

Rational Exponents

Simplifying Radicals

Adding and Subtracting Radicals

Multiplying Radicals

Dividing and Rationalizing Radicals

Solving Radical Equations

Powers and Radicals - Review Assignment

Factoring Polynomials

Common Factors

Factoring Simple Trinomials

Factoring Messy Trinomials

Difference of Squares and Perfect Trinomial Squares

Factoring by Substitution and Grouping

Factoring Polynomials - Review Assignment

Rational Expressions

Rational Expressions and Non-Permissible Values

Simplifying Rational Expressions

Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

Solving Rational Equations

Solving Problems Involving Rational Expressions

Rational Expressions - Review Assignment

Quadratic Functions

Quadratic Functions - Translations

Quadratic Functions Expansions, Compressions

Determining Equations of Quadratic Functions

Changing from General Form to Standard Forms

Quadratic Functions - Review Assignment

Solving Quadratic Equations

Solving Quadratics by Factoring

Solving Quadratics by the Square Root Principle

Solving Quadratics Using the Quadratic Formula

The Discriminant

Solving Quadratic Equations - Review Assignment


Solving Linear Inequalities

Solving Quadratic Inequalities

Solving Inequalities by Graphing

Sign Analysis

Inequalities - Review Assignment


Angles in Standard Position

Trig Ratios of Angles in Standard Position

Exact Values Sine, Cosine, and Tangent of Special Angles

Solving Conditional Trig Equations

The Sine Law

Ambiguous Case of The Sine Law

The Cosine Law

Trigonometry - Review Assignment

Financial Literacy

Simple Interest

Compound Interest

Types of Credit Cards

Loans, Lines of Credit, and Overdraft Protection

Buy, Lease, or Rent

Financial Literacy - Review Assignment