Chemistry 11

Grade Level
British Columbia

Chemistry 11 Course Overview

Chemistry 11 Course Overview

Chemistry 11 Data Booklet

Unit 1 - Basics skills for Chemistry

Lesson 1: Unit Conversions

Lesson 2: SI Units and Metric conversions

Lesson 3: Significant Figures and Uncertainty

Lesson 4: Laboratory Safety

U1 - Basics skills for Chemistry Review Assignment

U1 - Measuring Density Lab

Unit 2 - The Atom and the Periodic Table

Lesson 1: Early Models of the Atom

Lesson 2: Subatomic Properties and Isotopes

Lesson 3: Energy level diagrams and Electron Configuration

Lesson 4: The Periodic Table

Lesson 5: Chemical Bonding

U2 - The Atom and the Periodic Table Review Assignment

U2 - States of Matter Lab

Unit 3 - Chemical Nomenclature

Lesson 1: Binary Ionic Compounds

Lesson 2: Polyatomic Ions and Acids

Lesson 3: Hydrates and Molecular Compounds

U3 - Chemical Nomenclature Review Assignment

U3 - Careers in Chemistry Project

Unit 4 - The Mole

Lesson 1: Intro to the Mole Concept

Lesson 2: Multiple Complex Conversions

Lesson 3: Percent Composition and Empirical and Molecular Formulas

Lesson 4: Molarity and Dilutions

U4 - The Mole Review Assignment

U4 - Nobel Prize Chemistry Project

Unit 5 - Chemical Reactions

Lesson 1: Balancing Chemical Reactions

Lesson 2: Types of Chemical Reactions

Lesson 3: Energy of Chemical Reactions

U5 - Chemical Reactions Review Assignment

U5 - Drug Chemistry Project

Unit 6 - Stoichiometry

Lesson 1: Mass, Volume, Molecule and Mole Stoichiometry

Lesson 2: Molarity Stoichiometry

Lesson 3: Limiting and Excess Reagents and Percentage Yield Calculations

U6 - Stoichiometry Review Assignment

U6 - Chemistry in Industry Project

Unit 7 - Solution Chemistry

Lesson 1: Solubility and Conduction

Lesson 2: Molecular Polarity

Lesson 3: Concentration of Ions

U7 - Solution Chemistry Assignment

U7 - Biochemistry and Chemistry in Nature Project

Unit 8 - Organic Chemistry

Lesson 1: Alkanes

Lesson 2: Isomers, Alkenes, and Alkynes

Lesson 3: Functional Groups

U8 - Organic Chemistry Review Assignment

U8 - Green Chemistry Project