Science 10

Grade Level
British Columbia

Science 10 Course Overview

Science 10 Course Overview

Science 10 Data Booklet

Unit 1 - Biology

Lesson 1: Cell Structure and Function

Lesson 2: DNA Structure and Replication

Lesson 3: Chromosomes, DNA and Genes

Lesson 4: Mendelian Genetics

Lesson 5: Mendelian Genetics Problems

Lesson 6: Genetic Mutations and Applied Genetics

U1 - Biology Review Assignment

U1 - Biology Project

Unit 2 - Chemistry

Lesson 1: Safety

Lesson 2: Ionic Bonding and Naming Ionic Compounds

Lesson 3: Covalent Bonding and Naming Covalent Compounds

Lesson 4: Law of Conservation of Mass and Balancing Chemical Equations

Lesson 5: Classifying Chemical Reactions

Lesson 6: Acid and Base Chemistry

U2 - Chemistry Review Assignment

U2 - Chemistry Project

Unit 3 - Physics

Lesson 1: Energy and the Law of Conservation of Energy

Lesson 2: Kinetic and Potential Energy

Lesson 3: Work

Lesson 4: Nuclear Energy

U3 - Physics Review Assignment

U3 - Physics Project

Unit 4 - Astronomy

Lesson 1: Organization of the Universe

Lesson 2: The Solar System and Interstellar Measurement

Lesson 3: Origins of the Universe and the Big Bang Theory

Lesson 4: Star Structure and Life Cycle

U4 - Astronomy Review Assignment

U4 - Astronomy Project