Physics 12

Grade Level
British Columbia

Physics 12 Course Overview

Physics 12 Course Overview

Formula Sheet

Review of Graphing, Relationships, Vectors and Forces (NO ASSESSMENTS)

Building a Graph

Types of Forces

Vector Analysis

Identifying Relationships

Newton's 1st Law

Weight vs. Mass

Newton's 2nd Law

Newton's 3rd Law

Forces of Friction

Unit 1 - Concurrent Forces and Equilibrium

Concurrent Forces

Concurrent Forces and Pulleys

Concurrent Forces and Equilibrium - Review Assignment

Unit 2 - Torque and Equilibrium

The Concept of Torque

Torque, Perpendicular Forces and Equilibrium

Torque, Oblique Forces and Equilibrium

Torque and Equilibrium - Review Assignment

Torque Lab

Unit 3 - Momentum and Impulse

Momentum and Impulse in One Dimension

Explosions in One Dimension

Collisons in One Dimension

Impulse and Explosions in Two Dimensions

Collisons in Two Dimensions

Momentum and Impulse - Review Assignment

Unit 4 - Relativity

Relative Velocity and Navigation

Einstein's Postulates

Length, Mass and Energy in Special Relativity

Relativity - Review Assignment

Unit 5 - Circular Motion

Centripetal Acceleration and Force

Vertical Circular Motion

Circular Motion in Two Dimensions

Circular Motion - Review Assignment

Conical Pendulum Lab

Unit 6 - Gravitation

Gravity in Space

Centripetal Motion in Space

Kepler's Laws

Gravitational Potential Energy in Space

Gravitation - Review Assignment

Unit 7 - Electrostatics

Electrostatic Force

Electric Field Strength

Electric Potential Energy

Electric Potential

Constant Electric Fields

Electrostatics - Review Assignment

Unit 8 - Electromagnetic Force

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Force on Charged Particles

Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Wire

Electromagnetic Force - Review Assignment

Unit 9 - Electromagnetic Induction

Inducing an EMF

Faraday's Law, Back EMF Transformers

Electromagnetic Induction - Review Assignment